API for real-time marine data

A modular approach that is cost effective and scalable

When integrating a new platform alongside existing policy and administration systems, additional tasks can arise regarding data entry and retrieval. An application programming interface (API) can help to automate the distribution of information between systems and they are readily available for Quest Marine.


How APIs add value

There are several scenarios where internal IT teams can use Quest Marine API’s to integrate existing systems and add-value to your business. This ranges from the maintenance of records between systems to pulling functionality from Quest Marine into an existing system.

Automate platform data entry

With existing policy and administration systems being updated every day, maintaining multiple systems can require repetitive data entry. By establishing an API between the existing policy system and Quest Marine, information entered on the existing system will automatically populate Quest Marine. Underwriters across the organisation can rest assured that as soon as a policy is created, insights will be readily available.

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Whilst policy data typically flows from an existing system to Quest Marine, some legacy administration software can be cumbersome to use. In that instance, an API can be set up from Quest Marine to an existing policy system. Policy information entered on Quest Marine will then automatically populate the existing system. This keeps records up to date for regulatory and tax purposes, whilst giving all employees a fast and responsive method of data entry.

Bespoke features of Quest Marine delivered to existing systems

The speed of integrating a new system into an organisation can vary depending on an organisations capabilities, resource, and infrastructure. Quest Marine is modular, supporting the adaption of features over time. Therefore, in specific scenarios is it possible to deliver capabilities from Quest Marine to existing software as part of a phased approach. API's can be used to automate the delivery of information into existing software, augmenting capabilities so that staff are eased into new working methods.

API's allow for multiple efficiencies, from data distribution to phased integration. Internal IT teams can shape Quest Marine to the operational needs of an organisation, automating workflows so that administration is no longer a factor in platform adaption. 

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