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Our product offerings

Real-time risk management across key segments of the marine market

One scalable platform that ensures you are able to review and respond to changes in exposure as they occur

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Rich real-time analysis to assess business, optimise premiums and improve policy structure

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Extensive insight and management of real-time activity that ensures members are protected

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Do you need something more modular - take a look at our highly configurable platform offering

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Competitive advantage through digitalisation and diversification

Giving all stakeholders in the market a complete view of marine risk


Behavioural insight

Reveal behavioural trends in both existing and new business that correlate to risk for a more accurate view of exposure


Real-time asset management

Review and respond to vessel behaviour, accumulation and emerging risk in real-time to mitigate loss


Sanctions compliance

Real-time alerts inform on sanctions zone breaches whilst custom zones allow for areas of interest to be defined and continuously monitored


Predictive modelling

Calculate an expected loss for an account to ensure more accurate premiums for a healthy portfolio as well as an understanding of what factors positively or negatively impact valuation


Connected policies

Automate policy updates based on real-time activity to continually optimise your portfolio and ensure the Insured receives the appropriate cover when needed


New products and services

Identify new segments of the market and diversify your services to add-value and create an on-going relationship with clients for repeat business and revenue

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