P&I Insurance Analytics

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An In-depth analysis of account behaviour, portfolio performance and global exposure

Quest Marine P&I gives clubs a new view of risk, leveraging complex data to provide a wealth of insight that can ensure members receive the right level of protection wherever they are.

Global sanctions compliance

Easily identify and mitigate international sanctions breaches.


A complete view of existing sanctions zones and real-time activity


Push alerts around specific breaches to key stakeholders as they happen


Customisable zones set on-demand according to corporate intelligence

1. Active Risk Zones
2. Port State Control

Comprehensive insight

Uncover behavioural trends that correlate to risk for an accurate understanding of account exposure vs demographic factors alone.  


Harness over two trillion datapoints using proprietary machine learning algorithms


Reveal underlying risk within your existing portfolio and adjust premiums


Assess new business based on a holistic view of vessel activity over time

Active risk management

Review global risk in real-time and assign push alerts around certain behaviours and region-specific thresholds.  


Management of insured vessels vs global activity


Custom alerts to any stakeholder based on set requirements


Real-time and historical journey information for current and prospective vessels

Sanction zone - view event on map
5. Connected Policies

Connected policies

Ensure coverage is appropriate in an ever-changing environment through access to accurate real-time data and automated workflows. 


Utilise real-time risk management and alerts to trigger pre-set policy updates


Assign appropriate exposure relative to changing global circumstances instantly


Proactively manage changing needs for a customer-centric approach to risk management

Predictive pricing

Generate an expected loss valuation based on account specific behaviour and understand which factors have the most positive/negative influence. 


Set more appropriate premiums based on account specific behaviour


Understand the relative weight of specific factors on the expected loss valuation


Deploy a scalable benchmark for account assessment and pricing

4. Pricing

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