IoT Insurance Software Platform

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Insurance focused

We are committed to creating a sustainable future for commercial insurance

Concirrus is committed to delivering ongoing value to our customers and the commercial insurance community.

Our purpose is to harness our collective expertise in commercial insurance, data science, analytics, and technology to support insurance in its transition to the Internet of Things (IoT), creating a digitally empowered, profitable, sustainable and safer future for all.

Our dedicated team will provide guidance and project management throughout the partnership.


Enhanced collaboration

Concirrus believes that through better sharing of unified data and insights that are accurate and updated in real-time, everyone benefits:


Reduce inefficiencies and costs within your operations


Connect brokers, actuaries, underwriters and reinsurers for effective pricing, reserving and risk management strategies


Your teams can focus on improving your responsiveness and service levels for clients.

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Flexible/modular solution

Built on a foundation of Concirrus enterprise-grade datasets, analytics, cutting-edge models, and cloud-based architecture, our digital insurance platform is a highly configurable solution for commercial insurance clients. Select the modules you need to:


Create a customised scalable digital solution to suit your business and objectives


Speed up your digital transformation strategies


Maintain ownership and control of your datasets, models and architecture


Get the right level of support for your organisation

Analytics ready data

Almost every commercial insurance organisation has vast amounts of valuable data assets. However, very few will have managed to turn those assets into high quality, well-shaped, analytics-ready data. Leverage our modern data pipelines to clean, link and harmonise your data and add new relevant datasets to:


Create a unified view of your data to uncover insights that can be used company-wide


Combine internal and external datasets to reveal the behaviours that correlate to claims


See real-time changes to data and improve your risk assessment and modelling

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Leveraging Human Expertise

Concirrus believe that the  technology combined with Actuarial expertise is a powerful one which is why our models are designed to be completely transparent.


Supercharge your teams with the latest advances


Automate time-consuming research and data analysis


Have your teams focus their expertise in the areas that add the most value

Successful ML adoption

Building a Machine Learning (ML) based model is not the toughest part, it’s the underlying infrastructure that decides the success and adoption of these models. It takes years and millions of investment to build a robust and scalable framework for ML modelling. Leverage our investment to:


Accelerate ML and feature engineering experimentation


Generate better models


Wrap your existing models into a custom ML pipeline to operate at scale


Implement best practice model governance like automated scoring, interpretability, ML pipelines and logging for transparency and reproducibility.

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Scalable tech stack

Cloud-native Software-as-a-Service is the future. With the growing complexity and compute power needed to leverage the latest tech advancements, traditional enterprise installations on data centres are impossible to sustain. With our cloud-based infrastructure benefit from:


Rapid implementation and fast return on investment


Scalable solutions that will grow with your organisation


Multi-layered cyber security defences keeping your data and IP safe

How it works

Use Cases

Just how flexible are Concirrus modules? Below are several use cases to explain more.

Embedded cargo insurance

Digital MGA provides insurance policies to the North American spot freight market

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Loss prevention insights

Leading P&I Club uses data and analytics to provide new risk insights direct to members

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Automated loss adjustment

A global property insurer needed fast post-catastrophe loss estimates to improve customer satisfaction

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