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Marine Hull Insurance Analytics

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How Quest Marine helps Insurers Improve Performance

Quest Marine gives you the insights to make informed decisions on risk selection and pricing to improve performance.

Quest Marine Hull allows you and your team of Underwriters to access the best vessel and account data insight for an instant, reliable view of risk, providing confidence in risk selection, reduced losses and improved underwriter margins. 


Market-leading customer service

Customers are looking for an Insurer that will give them the best service at a competitive price and Quest Marine helps you deliver. With visibility of emerging trends and risks, Quest Marine gives you insights to support an ongoing discussion with your customers regarding risk mitigation. 


Underwriters are seen as a risk consultant


They can intervene when it matters to your customers to reduce losses


Develop a stronger relationship to stay ahead of the competition

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Regulatory compliance

Underwriters have an instant view of all the data they need in one place to make an informed decision about risk selection and pricing. Your team can be confident that the robust and transparent data, loss information and risk assessment insights within Quest Marine will provide robust evidence to support their decisions.


Leverage more than two trillion datapoints through market-leading machine learning algorithms


Write new business based on a comprehensive view of vessel activity over time


Gain visibility of emerging risks to help identify vulnerabilities within your portfolio

Win more business

With instant access to the risk data and insights associated with a vessel or account, the Underwriter can focus on providing a fast and competitively priced response to your customers. As freight volumes return to pre-pandemic levels, an increase in incidents is expected which is why risk selection is critical to protect underwriting margin.


Underwriters can focus on the client rather than data research and analysis


Market-leading service that sets you apart from the competition


Focus on better risk selection


Top-performing class of business

Quest Marine allows Underwriters to focus on better risk selection and pricing, reducing costs and losses which will ultimately improve the results for the organisation. Quest Marine insights give your team the information they need to remediate your portfolio and move marine hull into the top quartile of performance.


Better data and insights allow for better risk selection leading to reduced costs and losses


Improved pricing adequacy leads to better underwriting margins


Visibility of risk within your portfolio enables Underwriters to intervene and mitigate claims

Supercharge your Underwriting team

Quest Marine takes away the administration and data crunching to give them the time to focus on using their expertise to better serve your customers. Your Underwriters will be the best in the market, they can focus on innovating to improve your reputation and customer win rate.


Quest Marine Hull prevents Underwriters from making costly mistakes


Accelerate the development of Junior Underwriters using data and insights


Top talent will be queuing at your door to join your Underwriting team

Market Model

Price based on the market

Generate expected loss forecasts, risk scores, premium valuations and adequacy assessments based on the insights and learnings of the industry.


A universal method of modelling risk through our market model


Access to premium forecasting regardless of organisation size


Leverage behavioural pricing when proprietary data isn't available


Predictive Pricing

Discover how we apply behavioural insight in the development of predictive models that help some of the world's leading insurers derive an expected loss valuation to guide premiums.


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