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Share your insight, validate your position

Quest Marine Hull’s reporting module allows you to share in-depth insight and forecasting with the wider marine insurance market. Knowledge of an account can be provided to clients and prospects that don’t have direct access to Quest Marine Hull. This helps validate your position and supports business goals.


Simple to build, easy to share

Reports can be generated in two ways:


Using pre-defined templates that are shared across all Quest Marine Hull users within the organisation. Perfect for standardisation and departmental needs.


Through a simple drag and drop function for bespoke scenarios that are user specific. This allows for a tailored approach to risk profiles, as well as privacy.

Custom templates

If required, custom templates can be configured, with modules selected and arranged via the same drag and drop function used in bespoke reports. In both cases, components can be previewed before the template is generated, ensuring that specific modules align with defined needs. Once created, reports can be previewed before distribution. Files can be exported as PDF’s and shared via several channels, including email, corporate intranets, local servers or printed and delivered in face-to-face meetings.


Live data for the most up to date view

Components within the report utilise the same underlying data as Quest Marine. This means that data will always be current and readily available. There are no limitations between the information that can be displayed in the report vs what you’d find in Quest Marine. Custom parameters can be included, such as date range and sample size. Individual graphs can be further customised with personalised notes. This can provide added context for clients and partners regarding specific data or an action resulting from derived insight.

Focus market negotiations

Providing transparent insight through a report can focus conversations around specific factors that influence risk score. This can directly affect policy structure and lead to terms that are dependent on individual account performance. This ensures adequate coverage whilst mitigating high-risk factors that need investment. As those factors are identified, improvements can be implemented to improve risk profiles over time. As risk profiles improve, the relationship between the insurer and broker strengthens.

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Creating a report

When creating a report, you can choose between an account or portfolio. You can create new reports/templates or use the prebuilt files that already exist. The following functions are available:









Drag and drop

Blank reports can be customised with graphs and tables of your choice by dragging relevant modules from the left column onto the page.

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Branded reports

Complied reports are customised with branded covers, exported as PDF's and shared through desired channels.

Case Study

Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. In an exclusive partnership with Concirrus, Marsh created a new form of digital submission, combining insights from Concirrus’ Quest Marine platform with the experience of their brokers at the point of negotiation.

The reporting function within Quest Marine allows brokers to compile bespoke reports around specific risk. An in depth understanding of behaviour at vessel or account level can then be shared with partners to discuss terms as well as reinforce consultation directives.

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