Fleet risk management for insurance

The benefits of Quest Automotive Fleet

The digital data analytics platform for fleet operators and the insurance market.


Data-driven risk management

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Optimise use of resources

By aggregating and analysing fleet risk data you can ensure that your resources are focused on the activities that deliver the most value.


Automate standard risk placement for faster service


Provide real-time risk management services to reduce losses


Provide instant support to drivers in the event of a collision

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Differentiate from your competitors

Data can provide insights into real-time risk and risky behaviours to help you offer new products and services in a very competitive market. Better visibility of risk and the behaviours that correlate to claims helps you to:


Identify gaps in cover for new product development


Offer risk management consultancy to mitigate risk


Create data-driven, flexible products that meet the changing needs of clients

Leveraged well, this strategy can help you drive sustainable business growth.

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Meeting duty of care responsibilites

Commercial drivers face significant risks on a daily basis whilst out on the road. Fleet operators have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for all employees. Real-time telematics data and a better understanding of the behaviours that lead to claims can help operators and insurance practitioners to:


Raise awareness of risky behaviours


Schedule coaching for drivers who may need it


Provide immediate support to drivers in the event of a collision


Promote a positive safety culture

By taking a proactive approach to mitigating risk you can:


Protect your drivers at all times


Attract and retain commercial drivers


Compete effectively in a crowded fleet market


Protect your brand reputation


Minimise downtime by reducing the frequency and severity of collisions

Reduce claim costs

Instant alerts can help you to take control of claims. By assuming control of the claim for your client you can speed up the end-to-end process and keep claims costs down. Savings of up to £3k per claim can be made by:


Using your preferred suppliers for replacement vehicles and repairs


Get replacement vehicles out as soon as possible to reduce delays client side


Quicker decision-making on payment of claims


Develop new products and services

Real-time data can help Insurers and Brokers to identify opportunities to develop new products and services to better serve existing fleet clients or to open up new markets that may have previously been categorised as too risky. Examples of new products and services in this sector include:


Usage-based insurance


Premium reductions for drivers using telematics and camera technology


Tailored driver coaching programmes


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Innovative MGA, Antilo, can better price and cater to areas previously deemed too high-risk due to the protection offered by new digital tools.


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