Commercial automotive insurance case study

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Increased visibility of automotive risk results in business growth

Quest Automotive Commercial helps Acorn Insurance grow their business through increased visibility of their risk exposure.

The challenge

Acorn Insurance operate in a very competitive market where margins are continuously squeezed. Acorn were looking for a way to enhance their current premium pricing techniques to deliver fair pricing for traditionally high-risk clients.

rentE, an on-demand car hire service, traditionally categorised as high-risk by insurers, were restricted by high insurance premiums. With rentE’s  innovative business model, it was apparent that more accurate risk insights were needed to obtain a fair premium.



The solution

Using the Quest Automotive Commercial platform, dash cam and telematics data were captured and analysed. The analysis provided detailed insights into rentE client driving behaviour enabling Acorn Insurance to price a premium that was fair, competitive and reflected the true level of risk within the fleet.


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