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Behaviour beats demographics at rating risk

Driver behaviour is a significant factor in automotive insurance claims. Quest Automotive is a big data aggregation and analytics platform. It uses vast datasets and applies proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify driving behaviour that correlates to claims.

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Real-Time Driver Management

Quest Automotive is designed to help (re)insurers and operators reduce collisions, accelerate the claims process to reduce costs and increase return on investment in vehicle technology. Quest bridges the gap between operators and the insurance market to enable collaborative risk management and tailored premiums.

The use of real-time data and machine learning models drive several features within Quest Automotive product lines:


Active risk management


Automated First Notification of Loss (FNOL)


More competitive premiums


New products and services to meet demand

Active Risk Management

Monitor driver activity to identify risky driving behaviour and intervene before a collision occurs. Coach drivers on the dangers of risky driving behaviour whilst rewarding improvements in behaviour to reduce collision frequency and severity.

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Automated First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

Speed up claims when a collision occurs. Using real-time fleet data, automated collision reports are delivered within minutes. This allows for instant action; ensuring effective management of the claim to minimise costs. 

More competitive premiums

Gain a holistic view of real-time fleet risk through an accurate understanding of market variables. Premiums more accurately reflect a fleet operators risk profile and are more competitive for operators who demonstrate effective risk management processes. 


New products and services to meet demand

With a clearer view of real-time fleet requirements, insurers and claims management companies can develop new products and services to better meet their clients’ needs. Examples include flexible policies, usage-based cover and more.


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Quest Automotive gives Underwriters and Brokers access to a wealth of intelligence associated with risk with commercial and fleet drivers. Improved insight helps with segmentation, prospecting and underwriting for the whole of your team.

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