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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Analytics

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Features and capabilities

Unlock the value of telematics data through a scalable digital underwriting platform

Understand and manage the individual risk factors behind every commercial vehicle

Proactive risk management

Monitor driver behaviour as it happens and respond with automated messages tailored to the situation.


Mitigate risky behaviour and prevent collisions to protect the Insured


Automated messages are tailored to provide a unique approach to each customer


Incentivise positive behaviour through reward schemes

1. Notification Centre-1
2. FNOL (2)

Instant FNOL

Reduce the overall claims process through the use of automated collision reports that deliver a complete overview as soon as a collision is detected.


Lead the FNOL process, providing an improved, consumer-centric experience


Reduce overall cost-per-claim by reducing resolution times


Respond to any immediate needs relating to an incident as soon as they arise

Advanced insights

Access to an in-depth understanding of commercial vehicle risk provides an improved view of the market, leading to more reliable decisions.


Behavioural insight derived from big-data through proprietary machine learning algorithms


Premiums more accurately reflect fleet risk profile


Monitor and actively reduce the risk profile of the Insured to provide more competitive rates

3. District Capture
4. Excess Mileage (Without NT Driving)

New products and services

Diversify product portfolios in line with an improved understanding of market needs.


Create a long-lasting relationship with customers


Provide connected policies that leverage automation to manage exposure in real-time


Implement usage-based cover to pivot into new markets


Antilo: Innovation in commercial automotive insurance

Find out how Antilo utilised Quest Automotive to transform the way they utilise data to segment the market.



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