Introducing Organisational Profiling

By Joseph Artgole - December 08, 2020

Quest Marine now lets users monitor the performance of any shipping company in the world. Assessing the operation of an organisation can be extremely useful for both Insurers and Brokers when deciding to pursue business or grow an account. High risk behaviour, or a lack of experience, is easily identified through graded factors. Those dealing with such organisations can take measures to mitigate risk or validate their reasons for terms and charges.


Risk score and influential factors

Details on any organisation to be identified by entering their name in the global search. Information obtained will include their country of domicile, number of vessels owned, a list of subsidiaries and organisational areas of expertise. It also includes a risk score for each organisation, with influential factors, that can be viewed without having to enter any additional information relating to the organisation. Risk score is generated through the modelling capabilities of Quest Marine, meaning insights incorporate behavioural data. Behavioural data identifies unique vessel specific trends that allow for further segmentation when compared to traditional forms of analysis, providing a more accurate view of risk.


Organisational Profiling


Vessel operation

A breakdown of the types of vessels operated highlight the specialties of the organisation. A skew on one specific vessel type shows both preference and experience. Detentions for every global shipping organisation are displayed using Quest Marine’s port state control data. The detention type, cause and resulting action for any organisation will be displayed. If they’re too high, or for a consistent issue, a trend will appear. Areas of operation and vessel mileage give further understanding on whether the organisation has any regional preference or breaches, as well as the lifespan or potential issues for the vessel due to mechanical wear.

Viewing the operational performance of an organisation over time ahead of agreeing terms can immediately inform both Underwriters and Brokers of additional risk. If an account is desirable, the attributes of the operator can either negate or reinforce whether it should be written. The perception of the organisation can be understood ahead of taking the account to market, allowing a Broker to inform a client and determine mutual terms ahead of the broke. Organisational profiling further accelerates the use of big data in the analytical considerations of the market. With this capability, Underwriters and Brokers can make even more informed decisions through the Quest Marine platform.

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