Digital transformation is all about people

Successful digital transformation projects

At the Concirrus Power20 Summit for marine insurance, Alem Jasarevic, COO for Skuld shared his insight into successful digital transformation.


A holistic approach

‘When we start using new capabilities and new technologies such as machine learning and big data, or any other digital trends and technologies, you are much more in an exploration state. Many will agree with me when I say that marine insurance has always been a people-driven industry where a broad network of relationships is very important. And for me, a holistic approach is about utilising the best of both worlds.'

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Where art meets science

Bringing in more of a scientific or digital approach offers much more insight.

I also believe that this will be of benefit for:






Marine insurance providers

Project management

More efficient processes

Having experience from more than 100 projects, you might say that the projects are challenging, either on the hard side or the soft side of the project. With the hard side I mean the whole engineering part of it; either IT or data science. And then you have the soft side, which is the human part of the project, which is sometimes even more important than the hard side.

Cross-functional teams

Naturally, you could place the project with the IT Department, but I think very soon you would find out that even though IT is a very relevant and important skill, it is definitely not the only skill you need. You would see that you absolutely need cross-functional competence in order to really succeed with such large initiatives.


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