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An overview of Quest Marine

Watch the short two-minute video below to find out more about how Quest Marine works.


Write more risk with less risk

Introducing a new business as usual…

Quest Marine Fleets behave very differently.

- They operate in different locations.

- Visit different ports.

- And they travel varying distances at different speeds.

These behaviours and others are indicators of risk.

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How marine insurance works today

Static data, such as average age of a vessel; tonnage; flag etc… gives a limited view of risk. Adding behavioural data, such as average mileage; speed; port inspections etc… gives a much better indication. Especially when viewed across your entire portfolio.

Quest Marine combined static, historic and Concirrus’ exclusive behavioural data. So you can offer connected policies and reward safe behaviour.

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Benefits for the insurance value chain

By combining all of your datasets in one digital platform the insurance value chain benefits from:


All risk data and insights in one place


Quicker segmentation and optimisation of portfolios


Easier identification of new and emerging risks


Highlighted gaps in cover presenting opportunities for new revenue generation


Better differentiation of your proposition in the market


Lower administration costs and improved profits


Get to grips with Quest Marine

Find out more about the latest capabilities within Quest Marine today by clicking the link below. If you are keen to schedule a demo of the platform for your team you can contact us at any time and a member of the team will reach out soon.


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