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Features and capabilities

An all-seeing eye in an unpredictable world

Quest Property combines artificial intelligence, satellite imagery and predictive analytics to identify factors that lead to global catastrophes — enabling the insurance ecosystem to achieve 200% ROI through better risk selection, lower claims handling costs and more innovative underwriting.

Quest Property provides the insurance community with insights into the factors leading to increased risk using machine learning to learn from past events and exposure combined with real-time data.

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Improved risk selection

Underwriters gain a more detailed view of each property risk to help improve risk assessment, selection and pricing leading to lower loss ratios and tailored policies.


AI models combined with satellite imagery can identify factors that lead to increased risk of wildfire, wind and flood damage


Properties are assessed at scale using consistent metrics


Property level attributes for residential and commercial buildings

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Claims Processing

More efficient claims processing

Quest Property helps to streamline claims processing to reduce costs and improve customer experience by providing you with the tools to:


Assess damage even before homeowners – providing automated “FNOL” – First Notice of Loss


Quickly access materials, contractors, and alternate housing


Complete rapid damage assessments based on satellite and aerial imagery


Manage claims at scale for natural catastrophes – hurricane, tornado, wildfire, flood – from thousands to millions of properties


Analyse massive amounts of information from sources that are difficult to process manually in minutes

Workflow automation

Using workflow automation Quest Property allows you to triage thousands of properties within hours after a natural catastrophe


Optimise the use of your resources and adjuster time


Reduce costs with improved utilisation of resources


Integrate with your other business systems to minimise rekeying of information and reduce errors


Automated damage assessments help to speed up the claims process when adjusters can't get on site


Fraud detection and prevention

Quest Property helps to improve fraud prevention using:


Automated post-catastrophe damage classification


Automated triage of damage post-event


Assessing imagery pre and post-event


Easy to use views of major damage hotspots


Automatic tagging of pre-existing damage

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Are you ready for a surge in claims this hurricane season?

Hurricane Ida was a category 4 Atlantic hurricane that made landfall in August 2021.

Within hours of an event like this, Quest Property can ingest satellite data pre and post-catastrophe and utilize AI models to accurately predict the severity of the damage.

Imagine what you could achieve with faster insights to help initiate the claims process, optimize claims adjustments, resolve claims quickly and reduce claims costs.


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