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Fleet Insurance Analytics

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Features and capabilities

Reduce collisions and accelerate the claims process

Quest Automotive Fleet uses telematics data to manage individual driver risk and detect collisions in real-time. By integrating with any existing telematics device, drivers can be contacted as soon as risky behaviour is displayed and automated collision reports accelerate FNOL handling.

Real-time driver management

Monitor driver behaviour in real-time and send automated messages that are tailored to the situation.


Identify risky behaviour and communicate in a timely fashion to mitigate loss


Reinforce positive behaviour through actively identifying the best drivers


Resonate with each individual through the use of tailored messages based on records


Automated FNOL

Reduce time to resolution and therefore cost per claim through the use of automated collision reports. By monitoring real-time data, a report is generated as soon as an incident occurs though automated workflows.


Capture all the necessary information to begin processing a claim immediately, including auto-generated incident descriptions


Reduce dependencies and streamline operations to lower costs


Lead the FNOL process, providing an improved, consumer-centric experience

Advanced insights

Utilising vast datasets, Quest Automotive Fleet provides a complete view of market variables, allowing underwriters, brokers and claims managers to make more informed decisions.


Behavioural insight derived from big-data through proprietary machine learning algorithms


Premiums more accurately reflect fleet risk profile


Operators can monitor and reduce overall risk profile for more competitive rates


Differentiate through new products

With a clearer view of real-time fleet requirements, new products and services can be incorporated to become more competitive and diversify into new segments.


Create an ongoing relationship with customers for repeat business


Provide connected policies that leverage automation to manage exposure in real-time


Implement usage-based cover to pivot into new markets

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