Women in Engineering Day Q&A with Ruchi Suthar #INWED22

By Hannah Freeman - June 23, 2022

In celebration of #INWED22, this week we're highlighting our female engineers and the extraordinary work they do at Concirrus. International Women in Engineering Day aims to celebrate the achievements of women in engineering while raising their profile and encouraging young girls into STEM careers. Here at Concirrus, we are proud that our talented Engineering team is made up of many female Engineers who help build, innovate and improve our products. Read the below Q&A to learn more about Software Development Engineer in Test, Ruchi Suthar.


1. Why did you choose engineering as an area of study and a career path?

When I was at school, I was always curious and wanted to know how things were made. It started with buildings and complex furniture. As the digital world evolved, my interests moved on to websites and applications. It’s fascinating to know how we can create, scale, and maintain software. This curiosity, combined with an environment where I was taught women can thrive as engineers, led me to choose computer science at University and pursue a career in engineering.


2. What is involved in your current role at Concirrus?

My role, in a nutshell, is to validate the software we build and ensure quality for our users. Tasks can range from understanding the overall process, software architecture, underlying software code, writing automation code, identifying issues and reporting on potential solutions. This type of work involves strong collaboration with developers, product managers, business analysts, and other SDETs. Our team stays focused on ensuring we deliver quality work that meets customer requirements.


3. What brings you great satisfaction in your work?

For me, satisfaction at work is closely linked with problem-solving and the process followed to achieve a goal. The more cohesive and supportive the process is, the more fun and insightful the problem-solving journey becomes. It also means that I learn something new every day, adding to both my knowledge and experience. My end goal at work is to bring a positive change no matter how small that may be. This is the same principle I try to follow in my personal life through small acts of kindness and gratitude.


4. What is it like to be a woman in engineering?

Personally, I haven’t felt any different from my fellow male and female engineers. I am aware that this isn’t the case for all women in the engineering field. The world we live in today is better than before, employers put more focus on diversity within their teams. Most engineers I know are extremely rational and qualify hires based on their ability and attitude rather than their gender.


5. What are your hopes for the future of Engineering?

Innovation and engineering go hand-in-hand. It’s exciting to see solutions to ever-changing problems emerge. My hope is that engineers get more opportunities, the right guidance, and the freedom to solve real issues in our world. If the talent pool is focused on solving the right problems and challenges, the world will keep getting better day by day.


6. What do you like most about working at Concirrus?

I’ve been at Concirrus for nearly two years now and really enjoy my work here. I get to work with and learn from talented colleagues in a healthy, productive work environment. We all get dedicated time each week away from my usual day-to-day tasks to focus on learning and upskilling which has been key to my career growth here.


7. What do you like to do outside of work?

I try to spend time away from the screen. I enjoy going for long walks around parks, trails, and hikes in areas of natural beauty. I also enjoy cooking! I try to experiment quite a lot in the kitchen. I have also recently got back into my fitness routine which I used to follow quite passionately before moving to the UK. I have started going to fitness classes in my local area and I find I come out of the classes feeling quite cheerful due to the jolly instructors and nice comradery within the class.


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