Introducing the Concirrus PeopleStories Challenge

By Hannah Freeman - February 26, 2021

For almost a year, due to the global pandemic, we have been unable to get together as a team for our usual social activities. Although we have stayed connected through several virtual activities including the Concirrus Questival, DJ Craig sets, and many pub quizzes. Our wonderful Social Committee has set aside planning their usual virtual socials and has been busy planning the ‘Concirrus PeopleStories Challenge’. So, while we can’t be together in person, we can come together and make a difference.

The team will be taking part in a triathlon event that will run throughout March 2021.

Why are we doing this?

We were lucky to have Victoria Miloschewsky, CEO and Founder of the charity PeopleStories guest host our Friday FedTalk this week. (FedTalks – like TED talks, with a tasty twist. It’s a chance to get for us to get together, develop our skills, and share knowledge amongst the team). Victoria spoke to the team about the charity which was founded in 2017 and is based in Cambodia. Its aim is to transform lives through education, one story at a time. Its mission is to provide greater access to education to the communities in need.

Learn more in this short video below.


HubSpot Video


Meet Victoria



After spending most of my life in Australia, I decided to return to Asia where my roots are. I came from a working-class family and witnessed first-hand the sacrifices my sisters had to make to quit school to support the family. Conversely, I have also seen the power of education as I secured a scholarship in Australia where built my beautiful family and successful career in Human Resources. I am no stranger to hardships and challenges, having undergone multiple cancer surgeries and treatments while raising my son Edward as a single mother. Ultimately these life hurdles made me resolve even wiser to live a purposeful life. I am the CEO, Founder, and proud to be the driving force behind PeopleStories, where I am determined to help disadvantaged brothers and sisters to complete school and gain a brighter future.” - Victoria Miloschewsky, CEO and Founder

PeopleStories are now actively working with more than eight schools in rural Cambodia looking after some 3,000 students and teachers.


Meet KongNov


PeopleStories has been helping student, KongNov for the last 3 years, providing her with school supplies while helping to pay for her extra tuition fees. Last year she was selected as one of two students to attend a STEM high school, E2STEM which is based in the capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh. She passed the difficult entry exams with flying colours! (the average passing rate is only 33%). She is now studying at the school and is flourishing. 

The scholarship means a lot to me! They are the key or the tools that help me learn and alleviate my family’s burdens. If there were no PeopleStories, my mother did not have enough money to give me enough education years. My life has changed a lot. I can gradually see clear about the world and the future. When I heard that I was selected for the Road to STEM scholarship, I felt very happy and excited. I don’t want to believe it! I think this scholarship will help change my life.” - Student, KongNov

Learn more about her journey in the letter she wrote to PeopleStories here.


The Concirrus PeopleStories challenge 

So, what are we doing? We will be raising money for PeopleStories and challenging ourselves to a triathlon month-long event. Throughout March, we will be walking, cycling, running, and swimming to raise money for the charity.


Our goal

To sponsor a child's education for the year costs £220. 10 scholarships = £2200. Our goal is to complete 2200 miles and raise £2200 to fund 10 scholarships for children in need in Cambodia. This is the perfect opportunity for us as a team to challenge ourselves and others. So, why not challenge yourself and take part – you could be helping to change a child’s future!


Please visit our fundraising page and donate here.

For updates on how we are getting on follow us on social media.


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