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The insurance market

The future is digital

In the future, all risks will be assessed algorithmically and traded digitally.

The digital winners will be those that leverage data and technology to create new insurance products and power new business models.


Market challenges

The insurance value chain has traditionally been linear, complex and stagnant, however, technology is driving innovation and we're seeing the competitive landscape evolve.

New non-traditional, digital insurance players are entering the market and competition is fierce. Organisations need to differentiate more than ever.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown at a staggering rate. The data generated makes it easier for insurance organisations to digitise and enrich their knowledge using a wide range of IoT datasets.

Concirrus.AI helps to unlock the value of the IoT for insurance.


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Technology is driving innovation

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IoT providing visibility of the unknown

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Digital insurance players emerging

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Competition is increasing

Our mission

Develop a market-leading decision platform

Concirrus has built the next generation decision platform to help insurance organisations to capture the value of data available from the Internet of Things (IoT).

Many insurers have the ambition to deliver innovative products to their customers, improve loss ratios, reduce operating expenses but are held
back by legacy platforms and technology.

Concirrus' mission is to build the foundations for a new era in insurance.


Our approach

Using our years of investment and expertise in leveraging technology, Concirrus is supporting the commercial insurance market by accelerating their transition to new digital operating models, creating new products and driving cost savings.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Cloud Computing and Digital Distribution

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Using the latest advances in these technologies, Concirrus helps insurance organisations to...



Concirrus.AI allows you to digitise, by unifying your data, digitising your knowledge and enriching it using a wide range of IoT datasets.

Concirrus.AI builds AI models to analyse all possibilities and derive powerful predictions across the insurance market.

Concirrus.AI optimises critical processes on a single platform from risk to capital, from submissions to claims. 


Across the market, trillions of dollars are locked up in legacy processes, technology and siloed data.

By injecting IoT and AI into the business these savings can be released and new products can be developed.


Working with Concirrus

The benefits

Specifically built for commercial insurance by leading insurance practitioners and technologists, our suite of IoT driven AI, analytics and digital capabilities are empowering the market.

Today, Concirrus is helping commercial insurance clients to accelerate their digital strategies.

Our highly configurable microservices, including datasets, AI analytics, cutting-edge risk modelling, cloud-based architectural solutions, allow clients to build enterprise-grade solutions that deliver ongoing value. Our goal is to enable you to unlock the value of your legacy systems, ensure your organisation gets the most out of your data and connect you with other players in the insurance value chain for optimal efficiency.

Working in partnership with Concirrus your organisation will benefit from:


1. Fully integrated and customised solution providing a sustainable market advantage

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2. Accelerated digital transformation using our expertise and/or scalable, proven infrastructure, modelling, code, predictive feature engineering methodologies and technology stack


3. Better utilisation of your internal and external data for more effective risk assessment, selection and management

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4. Faster response times to new opportunities increasing your chances of securing new, profitable business and greater market share

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5. Operational efficiency through automation and workflows by linking up your teams, systems and other players in the market

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6. Improved customer experience as a result of supercharging your inhouse expertise and resource

Our products

Digital solutions for commercial insurance

Leverage our years of investment in insurance data, modelling and technology to support your business growth and profitability.

Modular IoT Decision-Making Platform

Sourcing new high-quality datasets and developing proprietary, in house architecture, and scalable models can be expensive and time-consuming. And often, off the shelf vendor solutions can be restrictive and can diminish your market differentiation. But there is a better way… with Concirrus' modular IoT powered decision-making platform.


Flexible, modular suite of digital tools and technology to optimise your infrastructure


Accelerate AI analytics and risk modelling for improved competitive advantage


Scalable technology stack delivering efficiencies throughout your entire organisation

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Commercial insurance organisations use Quest to deliver operational efficiencies throughout the insurance value chain. Our digital transformation platform, Quest is designed to leverage data to optimise submissions, broking, underwriting, risk management, reserving and claims.


Quest Marine Hull & P&I


Quest Cargo


Quest Automotive


Quest Property

Unlock the potential of your insurance data

Concirrus work closely with clients to plan, implement and manage the effective delivery of our products and services.
It's easy to get started, and our range of products and solutions will scale with your organisation to deliver lasting value.

Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced, so book your discovery meeting today to find out more.

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Blueprint: Marine insurance business resilience



 Our blueprint shares unique insights from leading experts at IUMI, Swiss Re, AEGIS London, Whitespace and others into the consequences of COVID-19 and key considerations for 2021.

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